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Welcome to the Republic of South Ossetia!

The Republic of South Ossetia is one of the newest countries in the World. However Ossetians have populated the land of South Ossetia for many hundreds of years. In fact, the Ossetians are descended from the Scyth-Sarmat-Alans, who once ruled a huge land area in this part of the World. The Ossetians are very proud of their culture and language which evolved from an Eastern Iranian language. With the expansion of the Russian Empire in the Seventeenth Century, Ossetia was valued as a loyal but semi-autonomous region. In 1922, Soviet leaders created the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast within the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the government of Georgia has attempted to end South Ossetia's autonomy resulting in the substantially (but often inaccurately) documented conflicts of recent times and ultimately necessitated South Ossetian independence.

South Ossetia is a tremendously beautiful country and its citizens would like nothing more than to put the problems of the recent past behind them and firmly establish themselves amongst the International Community. South Ossetians are extremely welcoming and offer a heart-warming hospitality which makes visitors long to return time after time. Perhaps the greatest asset is the incredible mostly untouched landscape, blessed with high snow capped mountains, green wooded valleys and an abundance of wildlife. Add to this the rich cultural heritage found in architectural remains throughout the country and the ancient traditions still practiced by the people and it is obvious that South Ossetia represents a marvellous opportunity for the discerning traveller.

South Ossetia was very famous for its spas in Soviet times due to the abundance of natural mineral waters claimed by many to have health promoting properties. Some of these waters are bottled while others are available for the enjoyment by all. Visitors travelling around the countryside and observing the local architecture will be surprised by the abundance of very early churches and Scythian stone carvings reminding them of the country's heritage.

There is a great opportunity for visitors to South Ossetia to experience real life and a culture previously inaccessible. Not surprisingly there are no 5* hotels at present but what you do have is the opportunity to enjoy bespoke tourism designed to meet the needs of the individual tourist in a number of cultural and outdoor activities. Tourists are very welcome to visit South Ossetia and we will try our very best to cater to their needs and interests. Please contact us to discuss your travel requirements or for any advice we may be able to provide you with.

Visitors are welcomed by the Department of Tourism of the Republic of South Ossetia.

Outstanding Natural Beauty:

Nestled in the Heart of the Caucasus Mountains:


Key Facts:

Population: 70,000 - 75,000 prior to the August 2008 war.
Geography: 1,500 sq mi. on the southern slopes of the Central Caucasus Mountains
Highest Point: Peak of Mount Khalatsa, is 13,000 feet high
Religions: Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Protestantism, Judaism and others
Nationalities: Ossetians (85%) Georgians (9%) Russians (2%) Armenians (2%) Jews (1%) Others (1%)
Currency: Russian Ruble

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