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Getting Here

The most common route at present is via the city of Vlalikavkaz in neighbouring North Ossetia-Alania. There is a twice daily bus service between Vladikavkaz and Tskhinval. Due to border controls and possible language difficulties it is currently advisable to arrange for one of our South Ossetian tourism professionals to collect you in a private vehical from the airport or to suit your requirements.

The journey from Vladikavkaz passes through the centre of the Caucisus Mountains, literally in so far as you will pass through the engineering marvel know as the Roki Tunnel at the crossroads between North Ossetia-Alania and South Ossetia.

You will require at least a 'double-entry' visa for Russian purposes and an invitation letter from our Department of Tourism for South Ossetian purposes. We will be happy to assist with both of these.

S7 Airlines offer a frequent and reliable service between Moscow and Vladikavkaz. For details please visit:

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