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Staying Here

South Ossetia has a hotel (Hotel Alan) and a number of private guesthouses offering good accommodation and home-cooked food. The accommodation is secure and people are always available to help. Additionally if visitors intend to remain in South Ossetia for a reasonable time, a number of private apartments and villas are available to rent. Domestic help can be arranged to suit your requirements.

Hire of car (4X4) and driver is inexpensive in South Ossetia and recommended for the duration of a visitors stay in South Ossetia. Taxis are readily available in the capital, Tskhinval.

There are numerous internet cafes in Tskhinval. Foreign mobile phone networks can be unreliable. Local sim cards can be bought for a few dollars and it is possible to make and receive international calls on these sims. Alternatively we have a number of mobile phones which are available to hire for the duration of your stay.

The currency of South Ossetia is the Russian Ruble. It is possible to exchange $US and Euros for Rubles locally or through our representatives. There are no ATMs at present.

Hotel Alan :





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